Victor Davis Hanson reveals why revolutionary leftists project their behavior on others


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Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson explained why leftists are “revolutionaries who project their beliefs on others on Friday”.Jesse Waters Primetime,

Victor Davis Hanson: They are revolutionary and they project it onto others. And what is its full purpose? The whole motive is on these agenda issues, they are behind. And Joe Biden Anemic rating. And they wondered if they could overcome the January 6 crisis—like a Reichstag fire—and they did, remember in 2021, when they barbed wire and 30,000 soldiers in Washington, D.C., and home It was the greatest weapon since the war. ,

Liberals call for ‘revolution’ in response to leaked Scots Roe v. Wade opinion

Or they can raid and just throw things out. One week, it will be nuclear mystery. Next, Trump inappropriately took out moments. Next, he was trying to get information about his enemies. And then the media goes to town with a bang; The walls are closing. And otherwise we won’t see the issues: inflationBorder, energy prices, crime, Afghanistan, foreign policy.

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