Workers file for union vote at another Amazon facility


The facility is in suburban Albany, New York. The National Labor Relations Board, which oversees union representation votes, has confirmed the filing, but has not yet verified the signatures of employees who signed the vote-seeking cards. At least 30% of the employees in the potential bargaining unit are required to sign the card for the election to take place.

“We are proud and happy to stand up for these workers and fight for their rights,” said Chris Smalls, president of the Amazon Labor Union. vote won in April at an Amazon facility in Staten Island, New York, but lost the vote In a second pass facility in May.
'This is war.'  Tensions high at first Amazon warehouse in US to unionize

Smalls said he is talking to employees who are working to hold elections at other facilities across the country, though he would not say how many organizing campaigns are underway.

“There will be a lot More to come in short order after that. it is Every week is increasing,” he said. “We can only continue to build and organize. Hopefully the company will change its approach when they see it’s not going away.”

One heroine ,AMZN, The spokesperson said the company had received the petition from NLRB only on Wednesday morning.

The company statement said, “Our employees have a choice whether or not to join a union. They always have. As a company, we do not think union is the best answer for our employees.” ” “Our focus remains on working directly with our team to make Amazon a great place to work.”

Amazon continues challenge the results It was defeated in Staten Island in the April vote and yet bargain An initial contract with the union.
A separate union has lost two votes to represent workers at a different Amazon facility in the U.S. alabamaHowever that union is challenging the results of the most recent vote.

While more than a third of government employees are members of a union, only 6.1% of workers employed by businesses are union members, according to Labor Department data. And those private sector consortium members are concentrated in certain industries, such as manufacturing, airlines, construction, and health care. Only 4% of retail workers are union members.

But efforts are on to gain union representation in the services sector, the largest employment sector in the US economy. Nearly 200 Starbucks stores have since voted in favor of representation by a union. first win Last fall at a store in Buffalo, New York.


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